Oh my goodness----are you hungry? Have 10.00? Hit this place up...it is a hoot and the owners are warm and inviting and pretty funny. They have not only steak but authentic gyro on the spit and it is very delicious. This is a little bit like cafeteria style where you order and then they prepare/cook it and they do burgers and everything for a very reasonable price The steak is not the best I have ever had and had some fat in it but it was still good and I could tell it was beef not dog or cat or kangaroo. By the way the 10.00 includes, salad, potato, meat, dessert, AND tip.

The essence of steak and potato, this no-frills places warms my heart. I'm actually not a frequent meat eater, but this place makes me want steak. The meat is cooked to order and served with heavily buttered Texas toast, salad and baked potato. The prices and food can't be beat and the cozy atmosphere brings it all together.

We walked out of church yesterday with our stomachs rumbling, and we immediately detected the aroma of charred meat in the air; after a quick search of the area to find the source of the heavenly smell, we walked into Best Steakhouse.

It's a no-frills restaurant: you get in line, give your order to the smiling man at the end of the line, and he throws your meat onto the grill. You walk slowly through the line and watch as your meat sizzles, and stay entertained by the nonchalant dexterity with which the cooks split baked potatoes and butter Texas toast. By the time you get to the cash register, you've had a chance to fill up a bowl with offerings from the small salad bar, and you've got a hot steak, potato, and toast on a plate in front of you.

The food is good, honest, and filling. The prices are quite low: you can get the steak, potato, Texas toast, and salad for about $10. The cooks and other staff work with efficiency, but there's always a friendly smile when they have a second to make eye contact.